Why "Fixed Load" Transformers?

Lower initial investment and operating costs
FIXED LOAD Transformers fill the need for an economical secondary voltage source. When light loads are served in areas of low load density, the cost of providing secondary voltage is usually quite high. The need for long secondary runs, or the use of over-sized distribution transformers, contributes a large part of this cost. The resulting watts loss adds to operating costs. The inherent low watts loss of our FIXED LOAD transformer design cuts operating costs.

Ease of installation
Because of its size and weight, less pole space is required and handling and installation work is simplified.

Improve your line appearance
The slim silhouette of FIXED LOAD Transformers helps to improve the appearance of overhead lines. The absence of secondary conductors helps eliminate clutter which seems to be objectionable to the public.

Lower initial investment and operating cost, ease of installation, and improved appearance are the benefits you get with the use of FIXED LOAD Transformers. Small fixed loads, especially off peak loads such as highway intersect lighting and sign lighting, are valuable revenue producers with FIXED LOAD Transformers.